Denbigh Show makes National Press thanks to Nadine Hanika!

Following months of work on publicising the Denbigh Show, who would of thought that in the week following the Show we are featured in local, regional and now national press!A� This has all come about following the controversial exhibit in the floral art section by Nadine Hanika.


indexNadine Exhibit and Tent ViewI say controversial but was it really? It obviously was to the judge because it was not what she was looking for in the interpretation of ‘A Night Out’.A� There was an arrangement of flowers but no pristine ironed and starched table cloth, wine bottle, two glasses, one on it’s side, naturally, no far from it.A� The wine was on the table cloth, takeaway carton, beer can and fag ash everywhere.A� Fantastic! Artistic! I am not really an ‘art person’ but I really got this and thankfully, so did the numerous visitors to the Show




Nadine Judges CommentsIt started soon after the tent re-opened after judging.A� After reading the judges comments describing theA� exhibit as ‘messy’ and that she should try something ‘more pleasing’ next time, someone found a scrap of paper and started their own comments.A� ‘I think you should have won’ and another encouraging the judge to smile.A� Soon there were more comments and they were all supportive.A� The visitors also took to voting in the peoples award.A� This is what the award is all about.A� It is what the visitors vote for because they like it!.. there were 608 exhibits in the tent, anyone can vote for anything and 33% of the votes cast went to this one exhibit.A� So that was that, Nadine was a winner


Nadine Presentation Nadine


Nadine presented with the Denbigh Flower Show People’s Award and a last look at the exhibit before dismantling





I really think that this has been fantastic for the Show, for competition and for the future.A� There is a place for tradition.A� There always will be, that is what tradition means.A� But there is also a place for innovation for fresh ideas and for interpretations from the next generation and that is how and why we keep these fantastic events going.A� Thanks Nadine for making a difference and for all the publicity – even if it is a week late!


Steve Williams, Show Secretary

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